Traditional sailmaking


Rowsell Sails have a keen interest in classic and Traditional style Sailmaking!

We sail and race in various traditional classes.

Our traditional sails are hand made, in house, with traditional eye lacing’s and reinforcements.

What ever traditional crafy you have whether it be a Lugger, Gaffer, Junk, Yawl , sloop. or ketch!

We have the expertise to deliver the sails you require.



Curlew with classic cream sails on the Teign Estuary!

We chose Polyant fabrics as our choice materials; with a great soft finish and very long lasting materials perfect for classic sailing. 

Classic & Traditional Sailmaking.

Our sails come with the following points as standard.

 Upgrades are also available on request, at an added cost.

Standard Specification.

  • Traditional cream/tan or white polyant c – breeze fabric
  • Sail bag
kev& me river dart 24 th april 2010 005

River dart swallows and Amazons adventure!


george dart

Falmouth traditional


Traditional Gaffer with topsail !

Great project making these traditional sails for this beautifully restored gaffer!

In time we added a radial topsail, this really increased performance and is a  visual spectacle, the boat is owned by George Dart, she is sailed in many traditional events in the south west!

classic bristol


mainsail form


genoa form

Measurement forms above for self measurement!


Traditional Dacron.