Salcombe Yawl

salcombe yawl

The Rowsell name is synonymous with Salcombe Yawls!

Within both boat building and sail making, many of the top boats are Rowsell built, along with the sails. We treat every yawl sail order as an individual project to suit each individual boat, as all the boats vary so much.

We provide a personal boat and rig inspection before any cloth is cut!


Red Rooster sail trim

After a thorough inspection of the clients set up, sails will be cut to suit the current rig being used.

This includes correct sheeting angles, calculated luff curves, only then the sails are designed accordingly, benefits to both red and blue fleet yawl owners for this in depth analysis is evident within the clients that have gone over to Rowsell sails in the last few years.

Our standard Racing Salcombe yawl sails specification.

  • Mainsail 240 htp plus Polyant dacron 5.6oz                        £816
  • Jib 240 HTP plus Dacron 5.6oz                                           £345
  • Mizzen 190 htp plus 4.4oz                                                    £228
  • Mizzens are cut super flat with three full battens, it has a round head to help the sail gybe in the light, it is a vary efficient sail with little drag.
  • Mainsail has been designed to be breeze manageable, with a short full length top batten for ultimate control, reduced drag is achieved with clean seem exits.
  • Jibs are cut with on deck foot drop to improve air flow, the sails are cut flat enough to point without sacrificing power.
  • Sails come complete with windows, numbers, battens, tell tails, bags.
  • prices include VAT

Please get in touch with Red fleet yawl sailor Frank Rowsell about any Yawl sails enquires, he is perfectly placed within the fleet for proper sail advice, he makes a personal guarantee to make you faster!

[email protected]


HTP plus dacron

pike yawl

Olive Branch, Rowsell built boat and sails.