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Rowsell Merlin Rocket race sails.

Merlin sailing has always run through our blood, the sails have had countless successes and having worked closely with rocket legends Phil King and currently Mike Calvert, the sails have had many Championship and Salcombe week wins. We currently focus on cuts for all the current modern carbon rigs and we also focus on the more traditional river sails and taller rigs; these designs are our speciality and we are the current national river champions.


Mainsail design.

Our current sail design is an evolving evolution over a number of years at the front of the fleet, is has a really good luff curve / seeming balance, delivers early power and serious pointing, the mainsails other attributes take over when your looking to de power with a clean leach exit and a luff curve generated head of the design meaning the sail blades open for perfect gust responsiveness.


Dacron, with lots of pointing but full enough to take charge when you are searching for more punch, the shape over the years has inched forward, again with a cleaner leach exit thus suiting the mainsails profile exactly.


Tri radial foot with big shoulders for running deep, the sail has had lots of work in recent times, the shape has generally been flattened and the profile more elliptic to promote tight reaching.

Merlin Rocket sail prices and specification.

  • Mainsail laminate, Polyant ODL 4.5 radial head and foot.           £798
  • Jib, Dacron 190gsm, hmt finish.                                                     £264  
  • Spinnaker 0.75 oz ripstop, radial foot.                                           £465  
  • Prices include Vat
  • Sails all come complete with windows, numbers, battens, and bags, they can be measured and an extra cost prior to pick up or delivery.   

Berry Richie sailing to great success

Our river main sails are designed for tight inland and restricted river sailing, the mainsail offers the must have ability to be able to tack the top batten with zero effort ,the shape is controlled with the kicker and the rear straddled main sheet creating a sail that is easy to use, with an extra pinch on the main sheet at the correct time this will allow you to out point your competitor just when you require it the most!

The jibs are cut to be quite happy to spend a majority of there life head to wind when negotiating shifts and wind shut downs, extremely high pointing sail with out compromising readability in stable conditions.

The spinnaker is cut as big as possible 10m2, and is cut for broad reaching or running, it is cross cut and easy to keep set in fickle conditions.

Rowsell River Merlin sails.

  • Dacron 210gsm polyant cross cut          £762
  • Jib dacron 190gsm                                   £264
  • Spinnaker 0.75oz river cross cut             £436
  • Prices include VAT
  • Laminate sails are priced as standard size sails above, but they are cut for river sailing. We can tailor our river sails specific to any size rig you have and any period mast.

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Below is a start to the a classic merlin race at Thamesis, Rowsell sails fill the first few places!