International Canoe Sails

Rowsell International Canoe sails.


Rowsell Sails are current bronze medallists from the 2015 world championships!

Held in San Francisco, here is a short video of the rig used by Alistair Warren at the worlds where he finished top British sailor in 3rd!

We have many times been National and World Champions and regularly fill the top spots at all the big events.


We have been involved with International Canoe sails for many years as sail shapes have changed and evolved across all the classes. The current sails have been cut for the new light weight hull rules and the sail shapes reflect this.

intcanoe1 design

Canoe S1 design

International Canoe standard specification.

  • Mainsail constructed in polyant 4.5 ml laminate technora.                £897
  • Jib Dacron 190gsm , zip luff, battens.                                                   £321
  • Prices include Vat , all battens and finishings.

We can make one off designs, different profiles cut to different weights with a multitude of cloth options, please contact us for a chat on your requirements. 

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