British Moth Sails

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British Moth sails are made for easy use.

Our sail designs offer plenty of range for different sailing venues, sails can be cut to any alloy or carbon masts on the market.

polyant odl

Polyant odl 04 technora.

Rowsell sails are former National British moth champions, we currently hold the sea championship tittle 2015.

British Moth Specifacation

  • Mainsail odl Polyant 04, 1.5ml laminate.                        £596
  • Mainsail Dacron 180gsm.                                               £542
  • Our moth sail designs are cut for range and power through our balanced seem and luff curve design, the sails are easy to tune on any rig.
  • Prices include VAT
  • Sails include battens, numbers ,bags and all finishings.

Please contact Frank Rowsell on any moth related queries: [email protected]

british moth

Moth sails in various guises ODL O4.

IMG_43551 bm

Rowsell power.